The company "Kismet" is located in the South-East region of Bosnia, on highway between towns Doboj-Tuzla in the suburb of Brijesnica Mala. It is located 50 kilometers from Tuzla airport, 10 kilometers from nearest Customs and 60 kilometers from the EU border.

The company "Kismet" was founded in 1994. It started off as a family business which specialized in producing work clothing and protective clothing. In 1997 "Kismet" began its production of fashion items which included kids' blazers, casual blazers and trousers for the firm "New Gol" in Germany.
Due to continued growth and development as well as technological advancement and the increase in work force further resulted in the formation of a partnership in 2006 between "Kismet" and "Vogl-Konfektion G.m.b.H. " known as "Vokal Productions" which specialize in the production of skiing suits.

To satisfy the needs and demand of the textile industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the clients' needs, "Kismet" goes a step further. In 2012 "Kismet" forms a textile technology centre TTC which specialize in tailoring with the use of modern Gerber CAD/CAM technology.

Todays' business can be described as a group of owned and production related companies with 280 workers. Our staff and management groups adapt to the needs of the individual companies in the "Kismet group".

"Kismet" exports to clients in Western Europe, Germany, Austria and Italy. We are also working on our own brand.